Why Keep Austin Herbal

Organic, Natural Products

All of our CBD products are made with only the most natural of ingredients. From the hemp that is grown, to the coconut oil, to the natural flavoring that is used in every bottle. We believe that putting organic ingredients will lead to organic benefits in many individuals

Strict Extraction Standards

While CBD oil is legal in almost every state, it is heavily regulated and lab tested to make sure every batch is up to the highest standards. This not only protects you as the consumer, but also guarantees a safe and organic product for us to provide.

Consistency With Every Batch

We want to make sure you are getting the best possible product on the market. If you choose to buy the same product on separate occasions, you want to be sure it’s the same across the board. We do too! Every bottle, every topical, and every bath bomb is made to bring you the best possible medicinal properties that you’re looking for.

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